Tuesday, September 8, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

Evi counselled me online during a difficult period in my life.  She was attentive, perceptive, replied promptly and provided useful insight.
Since there was a tendency to be in denial at this time, Evi had a gentle way of enabling me to see when “I was fooling myself or rationalizing”. She interweaves humour, shares her own experiences only when needed and is a very caring counsellor.
 I felt very supported and we didn’t use SKYPE, just emails that were heartfelt, sincere and often moving.  I found encouragement as Evi enabled me to view positive outcomes at a time when I couldn’t.  Her life experience, work experience and warmth towards people make her an excellent choice.
I think Evi’s online and one and one counselling career will be a great benefit to others who are troubled and need professional guidance.


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