Saturday, September 26, 2015

Coping With Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain

            Coping With Fibromyalgia, Chronic  Fatigue or Chronic Pain 
                                 Saturday Oct 24 – 1:00 – 5:00 PM 

                                576 North Fletcher Rd. Gibsons, BC 
                                                Cost $35.00 
                                               604 886 8097 

 This seminar will focus on the emotional and psychological effects of Fibromyalgia and chronic illness. It should not be considered a substitute for any medical procedures you have established with your doctor.

 The facilitation of this workshop is based on my 31-year struggle with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia; my current work as an independent counselor, as well as past work as a rehab counselor for people with mental illness; many years experience as an ESL teacher; and extensive travel and observations into how other cultures deal with these illnesses and difficulties. 

 I am living a productive life despite flare-ups and remissions and know that it is essential for people suffering to share their stories and experience the support and ideas of others. The session will begin with each person telling as much or as little as he or she chooses about his or her journey as we learn by sharing our success and our failures. We learn by hearing what worked for others. I feel we all have gifts to share and will facilitate this gathering so it is productive, relaxing, friendly and inspiring. Confidentiality will be respected at all times. The workshop will take place in my cozy spacious living room, and everyone will be encouraged to find the most comfortable posture they choose, even lying down is fine! I prefer to work with groups of 8 and hope to offer this program more than once. 

This 4-hour seminar is collaborative but will also include an innovative sampling of helping methods that I have found invaluable. These include visualization, the power of dance and music, art for creativity, and a discussion on the importance of “Nature Therapy” and daily exercise. 

The hope is that attendees who feel the ideas presented are useful will participate in an ongoing program that will delve more deeply into each aspect of gaining health. It will also be possible to work one on one in a more private setting during the following weeks. 

My philosophy is one of empowerment and I believe we often think we can’t do things that we can. Despite diminished energy and times of “brain fog” I have soldiered on and pursued many creative and humanitarian projects. There is a tendency to limit ourselves due to depression brought on by chronic pain and this sets up a cycle. The more pain we feel the less active we are. We stop seeing ourselves as vibrant individuals and become defined by our illness. The more we establish an identity as a sick person, “less than” the less active we become and the worse we feel. It takes a lot of motivation to do what is needed to feel better. Support, encouragement and specific plans are required. 

When attending the St. Paul’s Chronic Pain program many years’ ago, I was deeply impressed by the changes people experienced simply by doing daily supervised exercises, so much so that I now hike slowly, three hours once a week as well as swim and work out in the gym. 

We need to take baby steps from whatever our baseline is to move forward and explore our strengths. Our mind has “power over” and when we turn off our negative reel and replace it with hope, surprising things can happen. 

During this workshop we will have the opportunity to listen to what helped others from medications to vitamins, from long hot soaks in Epsom salts to laughter with good friends. 

Although the focus will be on seizing the potential we have to feel better, there will be time set aside to share how we cope when we are at our worst. 

This is not a “quick fix miracle” workshop. It is about focused intentions, hard work, and a belief that each one of us can find ways to improve our lives, feel stronger physically and mentally. The approach is holistic and I encourage each person to come with suggestions, feedback and an open mind. 

To register please contact: 

Evi Blueth  604-886-8097 or email

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