Thursday, September 10, 2015


"I came to Mexico a burnt out wreck. From the top of my game as a journalist in the UK, yet in Mexico, my newly adopted country, I was at the bottom of the food chain. Evi came into my life on a friend's say so. I was coming through a nervous breakdown. Hiring her is one of the best moves I could have made. Why? My flight from the UK to a surprise retirement in Mexico put me in the same terrifying scenario as so many other immigrants. I was powerless and overwhelmed. My language skills were nil. I had no concept of the value of money. The traditional food was frighteningly foreign. Even the suggestion of a bus ride was a horror.. How would I pay? How would I be able to ask where to get off? My judgement was zero, even though back in the UK I had sat for many years as a judge. Evi saw me so much clearer than I saw myself. Her unique, deep understanding and years of experience with others, with my mental and physical bad news was as clear to her as sky writing. It was culture shock. She got to work. We started with half hour morning walks and vitally talks, followed by dance. Evi gentled me along as if breaking in a nervous horse. She could tell I was in an overall state of panic about everything and everyone. My hands shook badly and my mind was blank, she had to help me back to life by doing the simplest of tasks. Generous of mind and spirit Evi took out half a day just to help me experience my first Mexican bus ride. How much more hands on can you be? Now two years on, I am entirely back to my old self. Close friends say even better. Free of my profession's impossible pressures, I now revel in a new fabulous lifestyle. Smiley, bouncy and warm, Evi's counselling style is wonderfully creative and resourceful. And the joy is, like putting on a warm blanket, you feel the benefit immediately. Rosemary Grayson Feel free to contact me:

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