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Creative Play for People with Compromised HealTH: A series of sessions focusing on activities and talk therapy facilitated by Evi Blueth, Counsellor will take place at 576 North Fletcher Rd. 

Evi Blueth
576 North Fletcher Rd.
Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V9
604 886 8097

Since everyone has different interests and different schedules I’m writing a list of activities varying the days of the week. I will proceed with any of these programs if a minimum of 4 people register and pay ahead. Please choose which seminars interest you by number and reply by email letting me know which ones you would enjoy attending. Art supplies are included. All sessions will take place at Evi’s, 576 North Fletcher Rd., Gibsons.

You are welcome to pay using PayPal (let me know and I can send an invoice), e-interact, or mail a check to Evi Blueth at the above address.

As a longtime sufferer of Fibromyalgia I feel passionate about the many ways we can feel uplifted and manage our compromised
health. I hope this group will be an inspiration to all. As a mental health rehab worker and counselor, I have been so impressed at how creativity, exercise and nature walks improve our lives and physical health. The encouragement of a supportive group where folks understand each other and empathize is not only enlivening but can prompt significant changes in mood, health and attitude.

I am including a variety of activities that engage different aspects of “self”. I hope to follow up with a very different program in the late spring of 2016.  I have space for 8 attendees, and anyone who didn’t attend the original seminar is welcome to participate.

I am also available for private one on one consultations on a “sliding scale” if you prefer.  

Program Description and Dates (day of the week varies)

1)Rubbings –Creating your own wrapping paper or original “Wall Art”.  This is an easy process, and surprisingly pleasing when colour is added, then black paint used to bring out the bright colours and patterns.

Rubbings, one of the most universal and perhaps the oldest of the techniques used in printmaking is fun, easy and creative. Rubbings are made by carefully pressing paper onto a carved or incised surface so that the paper conforms to the features to be copied. The paper is then blacked and the projecting areas of the surface become dark, while indented areas remain white.
This technique can be personalized by bringing your own textured objects from home, a colander, kitchen items, sand paper, jewelry, or anything with a distinct pattern that is bumpy or ridged in some way. You can also select leaves or items from the garden (press first with a book).
$22.00 per person

2) Nov 14: Paint on Silk 1:00- 4:15: Learning how to use Gutta as a resist to create stunning designs, abstract impressions, or colourful paintings on silk stretched on a hoop. All supplies and instruction provided. Each person will complete a round silk painting stretched on a hoop. I will show how the steaming is done so you can achieve brilliant colours. You can do this at home, or during our next session. The silk dyes need to “rest” for 48 hours before steaming. $40.00 (silk, dyes, hoop, and all supplies provided.

3) Thursday Nov. 19: 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm – This session will focus on exercise, as little or as much as you can do sitting down or standing up. Bring a mat or blanket. We will do gentle stretching. Each person will go at his/her own pace. A guided visualization will be followed by a discussion on self-care and check in. How is each person doing with the attainable goals they established?

4) Writing Workshop: Thursday Nov. 26 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
We will begin this session with simple stretching exercises. People are asked to bring a quote that inspires them. Anyone wishing to share the quote can do so. We will then place topics in a hat and do a series of 10 minute writing exercises. Anyone wishing to read their writing is welcome to. The session will end with a discussion on any obstacles or difficulties we are experiencing. Brainstorming and supportive “talk therapy” will follow. We will discuss how therapeutic journal writing helps us heal.
$15.00 per person

5) Dec 10 Thursday (Last Session) – 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm
Painting on white cloth bags. Carry your groceries in a self-made work of art! All supplies including beige heavy cotton bags provided. Make someone a gift, or create your own art bag. Learn different methods of printing and painting on cotton.
We will have a short check in following this last program. Bring treats to share if you like.

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