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Seminar on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Compromised Health

Seminar on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and Compromised Health

Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V9

Tel. 604 886 8097


Evi Blueth, Counsellor                                              Oct. 24, 2015
576 N. Fletcher Rd.

Agenda for Today

We will respect each person’s confidentiality. What is said in this room stays in this room.

There are extra notebooks and pens for anyone who didn’t bring one, feel free to take notes on anything new you learn, or any ideas that surface

Help yourself to herbal tea or coffee at any time, also snacks – feel free to be comfortable and do what you need to do. This is a safe place for all to be themselves. There may be moments when you feel emotional, this is normal, don’t feel embarrassed, we are here to support you.

The bathroom is on the right down short hallway close to living room.

I will show everyone my counselling room where I have prepared a place to lie down if anyone needs to rest or take time out for any reason, feels overwhelmed emotional and just needs a break…feel free to wander to this room and return when ready.

  I will start by introducing myself and sharing my story, this will be followed with each person introducing themselves and telling as much or as little as they wish about their own story.

2)    Coping Strategies: How do we ensure others consider our limitations? 


a) Let people know your limits

b) Be specific and polite (I can’t lift this alone) (I’m too tired to do activities at night, why don’t we meet for lunch?) 

c) Delegate – get help  (how can we do this? Family, Friends, Volunteer Drivers, Can we trade? (Rental, teaching? Do we have any skills we can trade for work that is difficult to do such as house cleaning, gardening?) ( hire folks if you can afford this)

d) Be realistic (how many hours can I do a certain thing?) (Factor it in, and don’t hesitate to share your limits with family, friends and co-workers)

e) Instead of opting out of everything, find ways to be present but for less time

f) Take breaks, do some deep breathing

g) Deep breathing (we will all do some deep breathing for 3 minutes)

What can we add to these coping strategies?

10 Minute Break

The problems of an invisible illness:

1) People think you’re lazy

2) People expect more of you than you have the energy for

3) People don’t understand

4) It is possible to experience personal shame, even though it is not our fault we are unwell.

Be their educator, be true to your energy, get used to setting limits so you do this on automatic pilot.

Once you accept and embrace your limitations it’s much easier to hold fast to what you can and can’t do without feeling judged

This is always harder in the early phases of compromised health but becomes second nature over time. Plus it is very likely you will become more capable as time passes.

Stop caring about what other people think focus on your own needs. Self-care is essential. Don’t feel guilty about it. When you recharge, you have more energy to offer others.

The Power of Visualization 3 – 4 minutes. You can do this anywhere. It provides relaxation, can be mood changing and is a coping skill worth practicing.

Grounding, feet touching floor, relax your body, find a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Take yourself to a known of imaginary place where you feel happy, serene and uplifted. Explore it. Look at the colours, enjoy the smells of this special place, feel the texture of what is around you that soothes and calms you.  Explore slowly with all your senses and wallow in the luxury of a wonderful glorious place. 

After 3.5 minutes I will bring you back slowly and gently to the room we are in. Take your time and open your eyes when ready. Wiggle your fingers and change your posture if needed.

We will go around the room and see how each person experienced this? Was it helpful? Could you get better at it?

Sharing ideas about supplements and medications.  Group discussion.

B2/6/12 injection every 3 weeks
Lots of Sunshine
Green Tea
Vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin E

Coping Strategies - Punctuating Life

1)    If you have a busy series of hours or days, plan rest time appropriately
2)    Plan ahead if possible (know that you will take 2- 5 days off to rest after your guests visit) or any demanding activities take place.
3)    Take time out even in public places, find a bench, park or quiet place
Close your eyes and do visualization or some deep breathing. You will feel refreshed and able to carry on. Take breaks as needed, anywhere anytime, be resourceful. Stop in a church, or library if in a big city. Twenty minutes of visualization deep breathing can help you recharge.
 4) There will be times when you will be “pushing through” due to life’s
 circumstances. It is always a strain and uncomfortable when in these
 situations. Choose wisely when it’s worth it, and plan recuperation time.

         Please add some ideas!

Planning Attainable Goals

Please take 10 minutes to write down one or two goals that you feel are attainable. They can be exercise focused, project focused, choose anything that you have been thinking you want to do. Break a project up into baby steps and write down how you will attain this goal.

Anyone who wants to share an idea, please do so.

Anyone who needs to brainstorm how to achieve a goal, share the idea and we may be able to break the project up into doable portions.

We all need a sense of purpose, a feeling of accomplishment and daily exercise.

Art for Creativity

If we have time, I would like each person to use my multimedia table of art supplies to create a card. This is a card you are creating for yourself. Choose the most important thing you learned and turn it into a picture, impression, drawing, or mixed media painting. In the card write a promise to yourself that will help you carry out your intentions to move towards a more empowered happier life.

Thank You All!

Please read the program planned that follows this Seminar. This program will engage more active methods of finding greater health and enjoyment of life. Anyone interested, please register with me.  Each session will be approximately 2.5 hours.  The program is called “Creative Play”.

Comment from An Attendee to the Workshop:

Hello Evi,

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about FM.  I’ve read so much about it but to hear peoples stories that live with the disease was much more meaningful and enlightening. And it was also helpful to give me some direction with my own health issues.


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