Monday, June 22, 2015

SKYPE ON LINE COUNSELLING / Text Messaging and/or Email Support

Hello to My Clients Far away and Near,

I see a real need to offer support in as many ways as possible. Some people might prefer to be anonymous or may feel more comfortable doing counselling using Skype, Text Messaging or Email.

Personally I prefer visits where I can see my client but since some of my clients are far away this is a great alternative.

I am currently offering 50 minutes on Skype for $50.00 (you can choose less minutes, it's a Canadian dollar a minute)

I am also offering text messaging or email communication based on $35.00 for 50 minutes of my time.

These current prices may change!

I want to ensure these methods are effective and useful. I am sure they are for some situations, conflicts and definitely with clients I already know who are now in another country.

Just email me to set up an appropriate time that works for both of us:

tel  604 886 8097  (Gibsons, BC - Canada)

Please pay ahead using pay pal or e interact!

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