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Gibsons Counselling

Greetings from Evi Blueth of Gibsons Counselling - June 2015

     I am excited to begin my new practice and plan to include both traditional and nontraditional methods of healing. I worked as a mental health rehab worker for many years and completed my Community Counselling Certificate at VCC last November.
    I also worked a liaison worker for families dealing with the challenge of having an adult child diagnosed with a chronic mental health illness. I know how stressful and frightening it can be when faced with the responsibility and problem solving that comes when a relative is diagnosed.  I have a great skill set that has enabled me to create successful care plans and collaboratively source out what might work. It is also a time when it is essential to have a support person present who is there for you. The anxiety becomes a family matter, and although we have public services, they don't always have the time or ideas required to brainstorm solutions that work. I welcome clients who just learned that a relative has been diagnosed, or clients who have been disappointed by the lack of innovative ideas and suggestions. It is as important for the family members to be heard as it is for the person diagnosed. Collaboratively we can find innovative solutions that might bring everyone to a calmer place.

     I have experience working with people with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress, Alzheimer's and Depression. I am also available for short term clients temporarily dealing with any type of conflict.

     I have helped several families deal with the difficulties of having a relative with Alzheimer's. This is an important time to have someone professional to talk to. I have assisted several families brainstorm solutions so their loved one was safe, settled and in good care.

     I will be offering counselling to people recently or not so recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or any chronic illness. I have a lot of personal experience to draw from and would be delighted to share the many coping skills I've learned, listen to your stories and offer support. I understand the hardship that any chronic illness causes but know there are many ways to feel empowered and live life to the fullest. I will start working with people one on one but plan to facilitate a support group for people with a chronic illness, as inspiration comes from sharing.

     As a fiber artist, traveler, and avid hiker I want to include art and nature in the healing process. I have observed a lessening in symptoms when a client is absorbed in a creative process. Although medication is essential for many, without dynamic individual support, it is much less effective.

     I have a holistic approach towards healing and often include nature walks, dream therapy, journal writing, swimming, laughing, dancing and talk therapy. Different people need different approaches and I leave it up to my client to choose what they think will work. 

    Our intuition is often overlooked but with guidance, each person has the answers. It just takes time and effort to find our authentic selves. I feel a dynamic approach is the best. 

    I am offering one free 45 minute session per person during July /2015. This will enable a potential client to decide if  working collaboratively with me feels like a good fit.

    I will currently be offering short term (2-3 days) respite to clients with a mental illness (if they are non-aggressive and stable) to enable family members to take a break. During respite I will offer activities, counselling and encourage my "guest" to make healthy choices.

   I also  online counselling. This provides anonymity and suits many people who don't have time to schedule appointments during working hours. (though my hours are flexible)

This can be done using SKYPE or  email or text chat, it is up to each client.

Email or phone me with questions, thoughts and ideas:


604 886 8097

Evi Blueth, Community Counselor, Gibsons BC


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